81 | They/Them (with Adam Sass)

October 10th, 2022Duration: 1:32:59

This week, for Spooky Season we watched the recent LGBTQ+ Kevin Bacon horror movie They/Them, about a killer who's stalking a gay conversion camp. Except, it's barely a horror movie, since the kids are in no danger, and the only people getting slashed are the jerks who run the camp. And because it bares a certain similarity to his book, Surrender Your Sons, we invited Adam Sass to come talk about it with us.

Topics Discussed

  • Tim Curry's hatred of Scrappy Doo
  • Shirley Markowitz
  • DoesTheDogDie.com
  • Gay sex angles
  • Victorian babydoll heads on grown men's bodies

Links Discussed

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