52 | Somefarwhere

August 16th, 2021Duration: 1:27:01

Everyone, this week's episode was tough on all of us. This movie doesn't make a bit of sense, and Eric may never forgive us for making him watch it. We watched the 2011 movie Somefarwhere, about a guy who goes to an unnamed Middle Eastern country to rescue his army boyfriend, and along the way gets tangled up in a plot not even the writer/director understands. Come along with us on this journey, but don't expect to understand it any better than we do.

Topics Discussed

  • The Iraq-Pakistan border
  • Terrible stand-up comedy
  • Trying to intimidate someone in a room equipped with a clapper
  • No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service
  • The shocker
  • Everyone go watch the movie Society
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