72 | Kept Boy

May 12, 2022Duration: 1:29:59

Sorry it's late! Chris decided to eat at a disreputable but delicious teriyaki place and then be bedridden for 3 days with the worst case of food poisoning he's ever had, but this week, we watched the 2017 movie Kept Boy. When an aging sugar baby feels his boyfriend falling for the pool boy, he tries to win him back through trickery. But is it really him who's being tricked? Or the audience, by the most ridiculous twist ending we've ever seen? Also, will this experience teach Chris anything about being more selective about where he eats? Probably not

Topics Discussed

  • Chris describes more of the gay porno "Boy Band"
  • That time when Elon Musk injecting twink blood
  • Tom Bombadil but gay
  • Scheme, heists, capers and hijinx
  • The sexual preferences of owls
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