73 | Hold Your Peace

May 23, 2022Duration: 1:16:33

This week, Chris texted the group while drunk on a Wednesday at 12:30am and said "guys we NEED to do the 2011 movie Hold Your Peace. The movie is super boring, it's about a guy who's trying to break up his ex's wedding. But the bachelor party scene is incredible!" (There were a lot more spelling errors in the text, but we sheltered you from that.) Was Chris right? Was the bachelor party incredible, or merely deeply upsetting? Let's find out!

Topics Discussed

  • The rules of King's Cup
  • MLM sex toy parties
  • Straight Simpson's incest porn pop-ups on gay websites
  • Twink shaming
  • What's the sluttiest kind of clothing and why is it a tuxedo?
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