We Read Movies is a podcast where three friends watch the very worst of gay cinema so that you don't have to. Then we discuss these films in agonizing but hilarious detail for your listening pleasure. At We Read Movies, we don't just watch movies. We read them, to filth.

Your Beautiful Hosts

Chris Haigy

Before he was the number two rated gay trivia host in the Pacific Northwest, Chris attended a performing arts highschool where he majored in musical theater before being told he should consider a less "face intensive" career. Now he tears down people who make dreams come true and has found that it surprisingly helps keeps him youthful.

Drew McFaddin

Drew once said that his life was an erotic novel about a hooker with a heart of gold, but one where the hooker turned out to be a secret spy who was working for the enemy. And he brings that to every episode.

Eric Henke

Our token straight Eric is here to explain how the other 95.5% lives. Some of his best friends are bad gay movie podcasts.

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